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    KEAs Design programmes provide you with the latest knowledge, skills and competences necessary for a career in the field of design/business and fashion and life style. We offer study programmes in Fashion design, Fashion management, Pattern design, Marketing, Communication & New media, Brand design and Entrepreneurship. We always focus on the latest technologies, materials and production methods and we always cooperate with local and global companies. Read more about the Design programmes here:

  • TECH

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    The technical area covers a wide field and you can specialise in fields as diverse as e.g. energy, automation, installation, technology and optometry. Common to all of them is that during your studies, you will be in close contact with companies as you work on specific cases and relevant problems – and that you will have the opportunity to test your competences during your obligatory internship. Candidates with a technical degree are in high demand and our programmes could therefore lead to a good career. Let yourself be inspired and read more about the study programmes here:


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    The Digital area focusses on the development of digital systems and design and communication using digital media. The study programmes provide you with knowledge and skills that will enable you to work with the future digital Denmark. The study programmes in the Digital area have a broad scope and will give you the tools to work with everything from hard core programming, processes and systems, business development to digital design. During your study, you will be in close contact with the business community and you will be writing your assignments in cooperation with companies and organisations.  Find the study programme that suits you best and read more about the programmes of KEA Digital here:


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    Do you dream of working in the building and construction industry? Then KEA can offer you a wide variety of study programmes that will equip you for a job in the business. In KEAs Build programmes, you will have every possibility to combine practical experience with theoretical knowledge. Let yourself be inspired and read more about the programmes here: